According Psychology Today, Psychotherapy, also called talk therapy or usually just “therapy,” is a form of treatment aimed at relieving emotional distress and mental health problems.

Provided by any of a variety of trained professionals psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, or licensed counselors, it involves examining and gaining insight into life choices and difficulties faced by individuals, couples, or families.

Therapy sessions refer to structured meetings between a licensed provider and a client with a goal of improving some aspect of their life. Below are my 5 reasons why Therapy should never be seen as a FREE SERVICE.

1. Therapist are professionals who spend years in training (4 to 8 years) at huge Costs just to acquire skills, Competences and knowledge to effectively help their clients and they do this with Passion and Professionalism.

2. Therapy is a service just like other services, so if we can pay for Data, Netflix, TV subscriptions, Dental services, Shelter, Transport, food etc. Why not pay for Therapy too?

3. Therapy works on the principle of commitment and clients who pay for therapy usually get the best out of therapy because they want to put their money to good use and show respect to the providers for being available to help them.

4. Therapists have personal needs just like any other person, therefore for them to make earns meet, they trade their time for money to help clients work through their issues with Professional Support.

5. Practicing as a Therapist is not different from any other business, career or profession, there are bills to pay to keep the business or profession going e.g., Tuition fees, Rentals, buy business asserts, pay utility bills, wages and salaries of employees, stationery, data and talk time, Tax returns, regulatory charges for practicing licenses etc.

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