1. Therapist’s level of Education and work experience.

A therapist’s level of education and work experience usually gives a strong indicator on how effective they are, remember they have been in the game for years and years, they have attended to several cases repeatedly and they have vast experience with various issues and perfected the art of therapy over time. Note this doesn’t imply that a Therapist luck of work experience renders them ineffective. Avoid seeking help from untrained people or places. Just because they can talk to you about your issues doesn’t make them a therapist, helping people requires years of training and practice.

  1. Client Autonomy.

Being in a Therapy room that gives you the Autonomy and control around your issues is a place I can assure that you will experience the ultimate healing you want . Therapy is a mutual Relationship built on trust and collaboration between the Client and the Therapist with a purpose of helping the client achieve their goals. As a client you have the autonomy and control to choose a Therapist/Counsellor you are comfortable with either Male or Female, what issues to work on or focus or agenda of the session while entrusting the therapist with power to make the final decisions and guidance on what’s best for you as a client. Remember, just because you in Therapy doesn’t make you incapable of making sound and logical decisions around your Life.

  1. Specialization.

Just like in any other field, Some therapists are specialized to work with certain issues e.g. Substance Abuse, Depression, Anxiety or specific groups e.g. Adolescents, Couples, Families and or Groups. Some have received specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness meditation, Psychodynamics, Motivational Interviewing etc.

It’s always best to see a therapist who has vast experience and specialized in treatment of what you are struggling with, even though we have a lot of general practitioners who are very good at their work but ultimately specialization gives you the best indicator that you have settled for a good therapist/Counsellor.

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Benjamin Samusiko

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