Did you know that work related stress is a significant problem with an estimated 40% of workers describing their job as very or extremely stressful?

In our quest to promote mental health services at the workplace and ensure that organizations have productive employees. Thrive Wellness Hub Solutions is providing FREE STRESS MANAGEMENT SESSIONS to Co-operate Businesses, NGOs and Government Agencies . All you have to do is organize your employees and invite us at no cost for a one session.

Signs of stress in a team would look like:

  • Frequent arguments, complaints and grievances.
  • Higher staff turnover.
  • More reports of stress among team members.
  • More sickness absence that affect productivity and decreased performance.

Training Goals:

  • Free Stress assessment and organizational stress profile.
  • Learn the effects of stress on the organization and individual levels.
  • Explore workplace stressors.
  • Explore Healthy and unhealthy coping strategies.
  • Equip participants with effective ways of coping with stress.

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