Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes personal interactions with people who have shared experiences to help each other process, cope and grow.

Discover Growth and Healing Through Group Therapy

Group therapy at Thrive Wellness Hub offers a unique and impactful approach to healing, fostering personal connections and growth through shared experiences. Guided by the principles of psychotherapy, group therapy provides a supportive and enriching environment where individuals come together to process, cope, and thrive.

A Collective Journey of Healing

Our group therapy sessions offer a safe space where individuals with shared concerns can come together to embark on a collective journey of healing and transformation. Led by experienced therapists, these sessions facilitate open dialogue, mutual support, and a sense of belonging that encourages personal growth.

Tailored to Your Needs

Thrive Wellness Hub hosts a variety of group therapy options, including issue-specific, gender-specific, and mixed groups. Some groups are open and free of charge, fostering a sense of community and mutual aid. Other interpersonal-focused groups are charged per session, offering a structured and guided therapeutic experience.

Benefits of Group Therapy

  1. Enhanced Communication and Social Skills: Engage in meaningful interactions that nurture effective communication and social aptitude.
  2. Strong Support Network: Build connections and receive encouragement from others who share similar experiences.
  3. Positive Behavioral Changes: Experience improvements in healthy behaviors and coping strategies.
  4. Diverse Perspectives: Gain fresh insights and perspectives from a diverse group dynamic.
  5. Affordable Care: Access professional support at an affordable cost.
  6. Safe Self-Exploration: Develop assertiveness and healthy boundaries in a safe and nurturing space.

Session Structure and Participation

Our group therapy sessions follow a structured format:

  1. Gender-Specific: Separate sessions for males and females, ideal for those committed to attending 10 to 15 sessions.
  2. Issue-Specific: Address topics such as alcohol, depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and more.
  3. Weekly Sessions: Sessions last 2 hours and occur once a week at a mutually agreed-upon time.
  4. Exclusive Membership: Available to paid members at K100 per session.
  5. Virtual Accessibility: Conveniently conducted through various online platforms.
  6. Participant Range: Groups launch with a minimum of 5 and accommodate a maximum of 10 participants.

Register and Begin Your Journey

To join a group, simply send a direct message with your full name, contact number, sex, and the group you’re interested in. Once a group reaches the minimum of 5 participants, sessions will commence. Remember, payments should be made 24 hours in advance to confirm your booking.

Group therapy at Thrive Wellness Hub is an opportunity to connect, heal, and thrive alongside others who share similar paths. Join us in a journey of self-discovery, support, and growth.


Have any Questions?

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